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Women of The World

When asked to explain what I wanted this to be about, I felt a sense of self-doubt and uncertainty. I realised I was having difficulty explaining it. I just knew that I wanted to create a space where women with disabilities were able to share their story with others – others with similar stories, others with different experiences, and others with disabilities. I wanted to create an interview series featuring women with disabilities from around the world. I wanted to showcase these women to the world and celebrate the commonality among us.

We are women who live our lives as best we can, complete with the same daily struggles and mundane occurrences as every other woman on the planet. Juggling competing commitments and expectations, having good days and bad, living with self-doubts, body issues, love and relationship struggles, amazing highs and achievements, often extraordinary resilience, and maybe, just maybe – living ordinary lives doing the best we can.

Women who sometimes, due to our disabilities, have to push that little bit harder to be acknowledged, work that bit harder to get opportunities afforded to others. Women who have to be more creative to raise our families, get to or go to school, take a holiday, to be part of a community – a world where sometimes we are the only ones who look, and live like us. Women who could use a platform where we can feel uplifted, reminded, reassured, affirmed and share a slice of everyday life from our unique space and place in our world.

I absolutely know that we can be, and already are, world leaders, amazing athletes, incredible scientists, mothers, artists, poets… the list goes on. My hope is that this forum celebrates all of that and so much more.

The dream

My dream is that this series becomes a forum where women with disabilities can find women they can relate to, learn from and laugh with. But most of all feel a sense of solidarity with. I believe that we are so much stronger together and that our differences united are our strength.

I hope we can share our trials and tribulations, love and laughter, travel and adventure, challenges and changes… all from our own unique perspectives.

This is a forum that celebrates the fact that we don’t have to be anything in particular, just our own unique selves – and that is enough. Most of all, my hope is that this forum becomes a celebration of everyday women with disability living our everyday lives.

Christine Kerr – Platform Stories Editor