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Happy Anniversary!

Have you ever reflected on your life and thought… how did I get here?

Well today is that day of reflection for me.

Today, 39 years ago, my life changed forever. I was a young, confident energetic 15-year-old girl, doing what I loved the most, riding horses and hanging out with friends, when in a split-second life as I knew it changed forever.

Many of you know I had a horse-riding accident that left me a complete paraplegic, from the chest down, lucky to be alive and not with more serious injuries or resulting disabilities.

      a young woman is standing up straight, she is wearing a horseriding kit of jodphurs, a riding jacket and shirt

So what does one reflect on, on a day like today?

Am I sad? No. Resentful? No. Contemplative? Yes.

But what I mostly am, is grateful. Grateful that I am lucky to have been born with certain privileges that have allowed me to lead the life I have.
Lucky that I have lived in a time in the past 39 years, where acceptance, inclusion and access have improved. Lucky that people with disabilities, although still fighting for equality on many fronts have rights and freedoms enshrined in legislation, have access to education, employment and supports.

Lucky that I have had the support and the opportunities that enabled me to work hard, to push hard and to create the future that is now my reality. I am content, I am an advocate, a wife, a mother, a best friend, a co- worker, a traveller, and a friend to many.

a wedding photo, the groom is standing behind his wife, he wears a blue suit and is smiling. The bride is sitting and smiling. She wears a crown of bright flowers and an off the shoulder wedding dress.        a man stands between two women, his arms are around them both. They are all smiling.

I know people living with disability are still having to push and be heard for acceptance, and I acknowledge things aren’t perfect. However, with the passage of time, I know that life as a person with disability today, is a different one, better and with more possibilities open to us than 39 years ago.

I love my life and would not swap the good the bad and the ugly experiences that have filled my cup since that day 39 years ago, to have led me to here. I live my life as a wheelchair user as one does when you wear a pair of comfy shoes, or comfy jacket- it fits, and it feels right.
I find it somewhat ironic, that as I have gotten older my activism, my “in your face” approach around equality, access and inclusion, has done what all good things that mature with age do, has softened, and mellowed. (but never fully disappeared!)

a woman is on a adapted handcycle. She is in front of a sign that says geraldton triathlon club.   a woman with brown hair is sitting in a wheelchair. She is wearing a denim jacket, is smiling, and has a grey cat on her lap.

There are a plethora of more energetic, highly passionate advocates out there doing their thing to continue the fight for right, and that makes me happy. I know that the positive advances I have experienced in my lifetime, will continue to happen as this endless ebb and flow of change goes on.

Puzzling (and somewhat embarrassing) then, to share with you here, that in this age of social media and sharing of self, that I have dipped my toe so to speak in the waters, how I have struggled with not being enough.  Not a strong enough advocate, not a political enough one, not a more public one. Only to discover after soul searching and many long, heartfelt conversations with loved ones and friends, that the work I do in my community, and having a platform such as Inspired does all that I feel strongly about.

And that yes, who I am, and how I choose to continue to push for inclusion, acceptance and equality is just that.. my way.

That I don’t actually have to be anyone or anything other than me… and that after 39 years living this crazy life, is just how it should be.

Happy anniversary to me.

  a woman with brown hair is wearing a blue striped shirt and blue pants. She is sitting in a wheelchair and is smiling.           a woman is in a handcycle riding in the forest. she is smiling broadly.         a woman is sitting in a wheelchair in front of an ancient incan ruin, she is wearing a blue jacket to keep warm.


  1. Happy days to you Chris and many many more to come
    All the best to you and yours for Christmas and 2020

  2. Craig Parsons

    What can I say but a good friend…..

  3. Debbie Crothers

    There should be more people in this world with your passion. You are truly beautiful, inside and out and I am so honoured to call you my friend. Love you to bits. xx

  4. Your passion has created access to beautiful Geraldton beaches. So everyone can be a mermaid

    • Michelle! how lucky am I that I have mermaids pals to share such wonderful beaches with who see the humanity and humour in diversity and water entry and exits.. thankyou for being part of Inspired and the mermaids!

  5. Lorraine Chapman

    A great boss, a wonderful friend and a top person, so glad you’re in Gero and my life.

  6. Connie D Harbaugh

    You are to be looked up to, such an inspiring person. I admire you.

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