A personal message from Samille

When I last emailed you all, I was at a crossroads. I felt I’d given my all to Inspired – bringing you Inspired stories via the website and magazine. But I was unable to make it sustainable as a business. At the time I felt crushed. I really felt like Inspired was my purpose in life – that sharing inspiring stories was my gift to the world.

Six months later my perspective has transformed. I’ve learned that letting go can be just as courageous as hanging on. And that closing one door makes room for others to open. You see, in letting go of what I imagined Inspired ‘should’ be, I’ve paved the way for an exciting new chapter for this website.

I’m handing over the reins of Inspired to the delightful Chris Kerr who has long dreamed of sharing stories of inspiring women. This will be a total reinvention of Inspired. While I focused on sharing the stories of those world-changers who headed charities to forge a better world, Chris will share the tales of remarkable everyday women across the world who are living with disability.

The content of the website and Facebook page will be different, the style overhauled. Yet the core will remain – Chris will continue to share stories to uplift, connect and inspire.

Personally I am inspired by Chris herself. You see, Chris is a change-maker. An optimist. Someone who sees the good in people. Someone who can’t help but uplift those around her with her enthusiasm, encouragement and smile. It’s a remarkable attitude for someone who became paraplegic at 15.

But that’s Chris’s point. She knows firsthand that people living with disability are not defined by their disability. While mainstream media may assign labels to people with disability, Chris longs to show that they are so much more than their disability – they are everyday people with everyday problems and triumphs.

Chris will share the stories of these women. She will open your eyes to their challenges. She’ll inspire you with their courage, their humour and the way they tackle everyday life.

I can’t wait to be inspired in a whole new way. So I’m letting go with the utmost enthusiasm, with delight that the years of work with Inspired will pave the way for a whole new future for the website. I hope you’ll join me in gaining this new perspective on women across the world who face life with a disability in their own unique, yet inspiring ways.

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  1. What really grabs you about these women is their positive attitude to life, perhaps because of their individual challenges.

    Thanks Samille. You’re a star!

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