On the Platform – Naomi Lake has a message for the world: anything is possible if you have a dream

Part of my daily life outside working on Platform stories  is taken up with working at ATLAS, a wonderful recreation inclusion program for people with disability and working at ABC Midwest and Wheatbelt. Both provide me with challenges and rewards that keep life interesting and provide me with a sense of satisfaction that the work I do makes a difference in my community and the world around me.

Its not often I share my paid work here on the Platform, but this article is one that I am proud of and one that is so deserving of a place on the Platform to showcase this young woman living her “ordinary” extraordinary life.

My core message is  – treat any people with downs syndrome or with disabilities as an individual because we are not all the same

I hope you enjoy this short video as much as I did in creating it with Naomi.

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